Enable Trusted geo-location on your Smartphone

This tutorial shows how to enable trusted geo-location data in ioPay Wallet.

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One possible use case for W3bstream is a layer-2 network that provides trusted GPS location of blockchain users to Web3 dApps. IoTeX implementedthe first of his kind trusted location service the form of a W3bstream-based API for Dapps. A corresponding feature in te ioPay wallet allows users to contribute their trusted locations to the API, while keeping the data transmission fully customizable and confidential.

In this document, we explain how to join the trusted location network from your iOS or Android device using ioPay, and monetize your data in dApps that use the API.

Download ioPay Wallet

Make sure you have ioPay Wallet installed in your mobile phone. ioPay is the official wallet for the IoTeX Blockchain.

Go to the ioPay website

Once you installed ioPay, you'll have to go through the quick settings of your first wallet (or import the private key of a wallet you already own).

Open W3bstream's geolocation module

In ioPay, select Settings-->WebStream-->Geo Location


Bind the geolocation to your wallet

Once the geolocation module is opened for the first time, you will be asked to "Connect" the geolocation of your smartphone to the currenly selected ioPay wallet.

Click Connect, wait for the service to complete the setup process, then sign the action when the request pops up:


Activate geolocation data

Make sure you activate the geolocation data, allow ioPay to access GPS data, finally open the ioPay browser to join your favorite dapp:


Final notes

When the geolocation module is "ON", ioPay will read your mobile GPS data and securely send your location to a W3bstream node with the frequency you configured in the settings. These location data are bound to the specific device, guaranteed to be tamper-proof and therefore ideal to be used inside dapps by means of the IoTeX unique trusted location API service based on W3bstream.

The geolocation service can be shut off at any moment from ioPay, and you can also switch it on/off instantly to send just a single location when you are in a specific location that you intend to proof in the future.


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