And that's a wrap: The year 2022 in review πŸŽ‰

As we approach the end of this incredible year for our dev community, we thought it'd be cool to share some of the major milestones and the most significant achievements. Let's look at some stats together.

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The iotex core repository has had 3 major releases (1.7.0 in March, 1.8.0 in May, and 1.9.0 in December), 7 minor releases and 10 release candidates. The last release of the year is the v1.9.0, which will be rolled out shortly and it aims to further enhance the IoTeX chain's compatibility with the Ethereum eco-system. Amongst the more interesting updates of this year, the ability for Metamask users to stake on the IoTeX chain, enhanced p2p network, API and database performance.


How not to mention W3bstream? After years of research, the Devnet Seed Release of our layer-2 infrastructure to connect smart devices to smart contracts, has finally come out in November, and the team is already working on the first iteration expected by the end of the year, to allow MachineFi dApps to store IoT data in the w3bstream layer.

The Developer Portal

The IoTeX Developer Portal was born in June 2022, and has seen a staggering 60% monthly rate of growth since. The portal is the go-to place for any developer to learn how to build MachineFi dApps on IoTeX. It offers an Academy, Blogs, and a new community hub to allow anybody to create and grow their IoTeX developer profile. A lot remains to be done though, and, during Q1 2023, the portal will witness a complete UI/UX revamp as well as the implementation of Developer Challenges, Developer Badges and more courses for interactive learning.

Community Stats

Our Discord server is thriving: With more than 1600 active users, and weekly events such as our OFFICE HOURS, the iotex team is getting closer and closer to our devepers community. We have finally surpassed the 5k followers on our iotex_dev twitter account, while our youtube channel is recording more than 2k views a month just on developer content. Part of this success is also due to our recurring developer events like the IoTeXperts Livestreams. 2023 will see a lot more engagement and many more live coding sessions to involve our developers, renamed #IoDevs (another new thing that happened this year).

The Halo Grants

Have a great idea for a project you'd love to build on the IoTeX chain? Our Halo Grants program is exactly what you're looking for. Depsite 2022 not being a good year for the crypto market, our grants program has been sought by more than 100 projects, while also surpassing the 1 million USD in funds requested. The program will see a major revamp in 2023, so stay tuned for that!

MachineFi Ecosystem Projects

Shoutout to some of the more remarkable projects that have shown major growth during this year.

  • HealthBlocks: a great ecosyetm where users can be rewarded by contributing their health data.
  • MotoDB: A way for drivers to get rewarded by contributing telemetry data.
  • Elumicate: Allows users to mine public camera images, and use the data to fuel a market place.
  • enviroBLOQ: Collects and rewards individually contributed data to create a more energy efficient home.
  • myJeenie: A MachineFi app that allows users to securely send their data into the future.
  • Ahoy: A decentralized weather data capturing solution for boats.
  • Switch: Switch is focused on developing pay-as-you-go solar projects for underdeveloped regions of Nigeria.
  • Perkable: Provides perks to users based on their virified location.

Developer Events

Our team has been all over this year, spreading the IoTeX gospel: Money202, ETH2020, ETH Devnver, BCN Hack, ETH-cc, Smartcon, TIPIN and the SF Blockchain Week.

Thank you!

This has been an amazing year for our developer community. New projects, new developers, and new initiatives on our end have made these past 12 months just fly by. We couldn't have done so much without your support, and we can't wait to BUIDL on top of what we have already achieved together.


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