Halo Grants Update: July 2022

Since its start in late 2021, the Halo program has granted funds to dozens of new projects, and has now surpassed the 1 million dollar mark in funds requested by a variety of projects, ranging from MachineFi, to DAOs, DeFi, GameFi and NFT.

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The IoTeX Halo Program offers grants for software and hardware development, research, and community efforts to fuel the development of MachineFi Dapps. Halo Grants are open for any project at any stage to apply to promote the growth and use of IoTeX technology.

Since its start in late 2021, the IoTeX Halo program has granted funds to dozens of new projects, and has now passed the 1 million dollar mark in funds requested by a variety of projects, ranging from MachineFi, to DAOs, DeFi, GameFi and NFTs. The month of July has been keeping up with this amazing trend, adding 3 new funds-seeking projects to our tally. We also need to congratulate 5 new projects for being accepted to the program! We're really anxious to see them grow, but in the meantime, we'll look at all these projects one by one in a little closer detail.

New Seekers


Fancy creating your new DAO in just 1 minute? XDAO is the fastest framework to create and manage Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Have they already caught your attention? Let's have a closer look at XDAO's proposal.

XDAO was created with the idea of making DAOs the place for crypto mass adoption by providing tools for users to control mutual treasury, build communities and invest in DeFi.

In short, XDAO is a fully customizable DAO builder for treasury management, multisig wallet and a platform for investment. DAOs on XDAO can be any-sized companies.

XDAO's product demo by CTO Egor Gavrilov can be found here.

The team has already received a lot of recognition for their work on this product, such as the first prize in the Binance SmartChain Hackathon and in the HECO Hackathon, as well as many other awards from established entities in the space.

If you feel like voting for XDAO's proposal, you can find it on our Halo Grants page.


Definer is a place where holders can deposit their token(s) to earn interest, and borrow against their token when they need cash or liquidity.

DeFiner aims at becoming a multi-chain protocol to offer lending of cross-chain assets. The current product, DeFiner 1.0, which already enjoys a remarkable $10 million in funds deposited, has already been deployed on both the Ethereum and OKExChain networks with plans to launch on Polygon, Harmony, Near, and Binance Smart Chain networks soon.

The next iteration of their product, DeFiner 2.0, aims at being a permissionless and configurable lending protocol, and, the team claims, could offer the IoTeX community a DeFi lending solution with the flexibility and privacy necessary to create a debt market for any token.

The team is composed of Co-Founder & CEO Jason Wu, Co-Founder & COO Chyna Qu, CTO Hilal Al-Hilal, and Head of Smart Contracts Jitendra Chittoda.

If you'd like to know more about DeFiner, you can check them out on Discord, or visit their website. If you'd like to know more about their proposal or vote for them, visit DeFiner's Halo Grants page.

Ivy Market

Ivy Market is an all-encompassing NFT marketplace that enables users to create, collect, bid, and trade their digital assets while unlocking unique additional benefits.

IvyMarket is a project incubated by the ONTO community, and more information on it can be found on their website.

Are you looking forward to a new, secure NFT trading platform on IoTeX? Learn more and show your support on their Halo Proposal page.

July's New Gratees

After a look at the new proposals, it's time to welcome and congratulate these new projects on their achievement. You might remember some of them as new seekers in our June 2022 Halo Grants update. Nevertheless, let's look at these new, exciting projects one by one.


One of the most interesting projects out of this month's grantess, EnviroBLOQ is a MachineFi dApp that aims at connecting smart homes to the IoTeX blockchain, compiling their data into a comprehensible dashboard for homeowner analysis & Third Party utilization.

EnviroBLOQ will extract data from as many points as possible from a smart home, such as utilities monitoring, smart controls, solar power generation, etc... The data will then be collected analyzed & verified by the IoTeX blockchain to ensure accuracy and trust before being packaged for Third Party utilization.

Their concept is definitely creating a win-win situation for all parties involved: Homeowners will be able to see the full picture of their home’s energy efficiencies and be able to make more educated decisions regarding utility usage and future upgrades to the property, while also being directly rewarded for their data; Manufacturers will now have a more concise and trusted picture of how their products perform in various real-world environments, enabling them to improve product performance and manufacturing processes; Utility Providers & City Management are able to better analyze utility consumption & peak demand loads, address natural disaster situations quicker and more efficiently.

Let's look at how the team behind EnviroBLOQ, comprised of Founder & CEO Will McCann, Co-Founder & CTO Charles Cobern, is planning to achieve their ambitious plan.

EnviroBLOQ will install a Pebble Tracker in attics and central interior spaces of 30 homes around the Leander, TX area for further Proof of Concept. This will establish a baseline data pool from which to build the dApp and begin discussions with potential investors and Data Consumers.

The Pebble Tracker will be utilized as an early ‘Plug-and-Play’ option, but will not be a pre-requisite to join the ecosystem as a Data Provider.

The organic growth of enviroBLOQ will be driven by the tokenized Rewards paid to Data Providers. Every Data Provider will earn base daily EBLOQ token rewards for up to one device in each Data Set category connected to enviroBLOQ.

EnviroBLOQ is definitely a project to watch out for. We'll keep a close look at their progress and keep our community updated on their next steps.

MistTrack Analytics Platform

MistTrack was created by SlowMist as an anti-money laundering (AML) tracking tool that focuses on combating cryptocurrency money laundering activities. Their vision is to create a crypto tracking and compliance platform for everyone.

The MistTrack AML tracking system has amassed over 200 million addresses that contain various wallets from major trading platforms throughout the world.

MistTrack provides full intelligence data assistance for AML analysis and research. It has compiled thousands of addresses belonging to various entities, along with 100K Threat Intelligence addresses, and over 90M addresses that are tied to malicious activities.

MistTrack currently allows users to investigate addresses on the Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain(BSC) and TRON networks, and is working on supporting the IoTeX blockchain in the near future.

We're excited to see MistTrack grow! More information on their product can be found on their website, while those interested in using their product, can have a look at MistTrack open API here.


Ahoy is a decentralized weather data capturing solution for boats to communicate with smart contracts that insure against real-time voyages and the weather conditions out at sea in real-time, log past performance, and predictively adjust. Ahoy aims to be a MachineFi solution for boat-to-dock payment with weather probability oracle based on the boat’s voyage and captain’s log data.

The idea is for a skipper to set off from location A to location B. In case of poor weather events during the crossing (e.g. temperature drops, rain, wind, or choppy seas), then the boater may be fully or partially refunded, depending on whether the conditions of the Smart Contract are met. If poor weather events are in effect, on the day/time of the crossing, and the boater elects to forgo their reservation by leaving the boat stationary, then the marina’s policy protection self-executes.

Boats will be equipped with Pebble Trackers, which will work in conjunction with off-chain oracles that will provide weather conditions updates.

Ahoy's team, comprised of John Paul Zable and Jack Blake, has set on a mission to build a decentralized ledger on IoTex to securely aggregate boating and weather data and enable the secure development of scalable decentralized boating applications. More information on this interesting MachineFi project can be found on their website. We can't wait to check in with them in a little while and see what they build.


myJeenie was definitely one of the most interesting seekers on our last issue, and we're very excited to see where they go from here. myJeenie is a SaaS (software as a service) mobile first application used to inherit information, and digital assets, such as videos, messages, photos, cryptocurrencies, and more. Users can curate memories to be shared over time, create shared memories and lock them in time capsules, secure, earn, and seamlessly inherit digital assets, and grow alongside a digital companion that will live on in your name. All of myJeneenie's web3 features built using the IoTeX blockchain.

The co-founding team behind myJeenie is comprised of CEO, President & Co-founder Robert Wolff, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder Eric Bureaud, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-founder Shovan Sargunam, and Chief Product Officer & Co-founder Sean Kilbo. Their intent is to officially launch by the end of Q1 2023, which will include their full set of features such as myMessaging, myCapsules, myLockbox, myJournal, myCondolences, Digital Estate Management, Digital Asset Inheritance, Stake to Earn, Stack for Data, and the SocialFi Reward System.

We can't wait to see what's next for myJeenie, and we'll surely keep checking in on their progress in the next few weeks.


EDNS aims to be a pioneer in Web 3.0, providing a one-stop solution for decentralized domain names and hosting, and allowing users with a digital identity to enter the world of NFTs, Metaverse and Defi.

EDNS' team, comprised of CEO & Founder Joey Lam, Co-founder & COO Edmond Cheung, and Co-Founder & Technology Director Mike Ng, has a dynamic plan that would take them to about 2000 - 5000 users by the beginning of September.

You can follow their progress on Twitter or join their server on Discord, if you'd like to be part of their community. Nevertheless, more updates on this very interesting project will come from us at IoTeX, as we'll keep up with them over the course of the next weeks.

About the Halo Grants Program

Halo is the official IoTeX Grants Program run by the IoTeX Foundation. Join us in building a connected world! The IoTeX Halo Program accelerates the growth of the IoTeX ecosystem, helps developers to launch the next-gen Dapps around DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and most importantly, MachineFi topics! This program is open for projects at any stage to apply, as long as the project promotes the growth and adoption of the IoTeX technology, ecosystem, and community. Learn more about the Halo Grants Program, submit your own idea, or discover the new projects that are currently being funded by the IoTeX Foundation.


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