Halo Grants Update: August 2022

The month of August has seen six new projects seeking funding through the program. Let's find out what these projects are about and let's meet the teams behind them.

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The IoTeX Halo Program offers grants for software and hardware development, research, and community efforts to fuel the development of MachineFi Dapps. Halo Grants are open for any project at any stage to apply to promote the growth and use of IoTeX technology.

Since its start in late 2021, the IoTeX Halo program has granted funds to dozens of new projects, and has now surpassed the 1 million dollar mark in funds requested by a variety of projects, ranging from MachineFi, to DAOs, DeFi, GameFi and NFTs.

The month of August has seen six new projects seeking funding through the program.

Let's find out what these projects are about and let's meet the teams behind them.


Guarda is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet available on Web, Desktop, Chrome Extension and Mobile platforms. Guarda is a place for users to safely manage their funds in a single place: Sending, receiving, storing, buying, borrowing, selling, and swapping crypto.

The team behind the product comprises of experts in IT and the fintech sphere with proven track records. Guarda is a member of FIO foundation board, UD Partner Advisory Council, INATBA.

Guarda's CEO, Paul Sokolov, has more than 6 years of experience in the field of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency. Besides being the main visionary of Guarda Wallet, Paul is known for taking part in a variety of other blockchain-related projects.

If you'd like to stay in touch with this project, you can follow their Twitter account.

If you'd like to vote for Guarda and help them secure the grant, you can visit their Halo Grants application page.

Switch Electric

Switch Electric is a MachineFi product focused on developing pay-as-you-go solar projects for underdeveloped regions of Nigeria and other developing countries where electrification is poor or unavailable. This allows Switch's customers to have easy access to the clean energy they need at a fraction of the cost, while facilitating investments in climate friendly energies.

Switch has developed a series of custom blockchain-enabled meters, called Maxwell, to offer their customers reliable and transparent monitoring of their solar energy systems.

The team is aiming to create tokenized solar assets, under the form of NFTs, as a digital representation of their physical counterparts. The NFT will be generating fixed income returns as stable coins for the electricity being sold to the customers. Anyone will be able to track each individual installation and see its performance figures in real time on the blockchain. By tokenizing these assets, Switch also makes it "possible for smaller investors who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting around to invest in solar energy installations".

The team behind Switch is comprised of CEO Ifeanyi Christwin, CTO Isaac Newton, Chief Business Officer and Operations Manager Mmerichukwu Anosike, Chief Strategy Officer God’sdelight Jude, Chief Procurement Officer and Battery Engineer Nwobodo Ebube, Web 3 Product Manager and Smart Contract Developer Nnam Darlington, and Quantitative Analyst Tamara Ogbuokiri.

If you feel like being part of their mission, you can vote for the Halo proposal here and keep up-to-date with their latest news on their Twitter.

Chain Stallion

As part of the Bitcoin Standard Era Foundation (BSEF), Chain Stallion is a decentralized application striving to create a decentralized financial system as sound as the Gold Standard Era financial system. Chain Stallion is developing a platform for minting a decentralized stable coin (BSEC, which stands for Bitcoin Standard Era Coin) with high ROI, no liquidation risk, no massive de-pegging losses, backed by Bitcoin Standard Era Gold (BSEG) which has a fixed price and is backed by WBTC.

Chain Stallion comes with some pretty interesting features:

  • No liquidations: The deposited WBTC is not collateral.
  • No de-pegging loss: Holders can burn BSEC and redeem WBTC, even in extreme cases such as project failure.
  • Decentralization: No centralized finance Fiat currency is used.
  • High ROI: Users can mint BSEC and earn minting rewards of up to 17.4% in the first year.

If funded, during the next 13 weeks, Chain Stallion aims to deploy their protocol to IoTeX mainnet and have a fully functional dApp. If you'd like to follow their project or vote for them, you can do so on their Halo Grants project proposal page, here.


QuestBook is an on-chain management tool for grant programs. During the next couple of months, QuestBook is planning to migrate the entire IoTeX Halo Grant application process to their platform. This tool offers great transparency, and it positions itself as a 1-time-stop to manage, analyze and run any grant program completely on-chain.

QuestBook comes with a series of pretty handy advantages:

  • A streamlined process for the grants managers to attract applicants and keep track of applications.
  • Clear and timely communication to applicants.
  • Deliverable focused: Define clear milestones and disburse money based on agreed milestones.
  • Analytics: Dashboards to effectively track, measure, and analyse grant programs.
  • Developers will be able to discover, search and apply to grants & RFPs seamlessly.
  • Gasless Wallet and on-chain gasless transactions.

The team is comprised of CEO Madhavan Malolan, Co-founder, Product and Engineering Lead Abhilash Inumella, Co-founder and Community Lead Sriharsha Karamchat, and Co-founder, BD and Partnerships Lead Subhash Karri. This team definitely has a lot of experience and a great track record. QuestBook has already been funded by Y-Combinator, and has current partnerships with Polygon, Solana, Harmony and AAVE.

Feel free to check out their proposal on our Halo Grants page to learn more about QuestBook, and even vote for them, if you feel so inclined.


Healthtree is a dApp / NFT project that positions itself as a Blockchain based Global Health Initiative, comprised of a team of doctors from the University of Cambridge with backgrounds spanning ex-professional sport, med tech, surgery and medical education.

Healthree is pioneering the use of blockchain technology and Web3 to provide a novel motivation mechanism for healthy living. Their live-to-earn model incentivises a wide variety of healthy lifestyle behaviours focusing on physical activity, as well as including other aspects of life such as sleep and mindfulness.

To reward users for healthy habits, Healthtree is set to be partnering with HealthBlocks, an IoTeX based live-to-earn company that uses data from fitness wearables.

Healthree is building a collection of evolving NFTs acting as digital health avatars, reflecting the current state of their health metrics: As a user becomes healthier, so too does their digital avatar. This has a double benefit to the user - it both gamifies the HealthBlocks app, and it increases the financial value of the NFT through the development of rarer traits.

There is a lot more to learn about this interesting MachineFi project. If interested, you can read more about Healthree on their Harlo Grants proposal page, where you can also vote and show your support.

All For One

The All For One mobile App is a user-friendly infrastructure that enables multi-chain transactions for thousands of decentralized crypto assets on supported blockchains. Their proposal offers multi-faceted integration with IoTeX, including chain integration for wallets, wallet transfers, IoTeX network token charting, whale watching, live transaction data, and a decentralized ranking system for tokens that are part of the IoTeX ecosystem.

All For One offers a series of interesting features such as:

  • Multi-chain wallet: Assets from multiple chains at a glance without manual switching between all the supported networks
  • Multiple wallets in one screen: Users always have an overview of all wallets and do not need to switch between accounts
  • Accurate real-time prices: No inaccurate pricing via third-party providers as pricing is real-time and directly from the blockchain
  • In-App Buy/Sells: We facilitate trading via registered DEXs native to the chain, finding the best liquidity pairing with the least price impact.
  • Decentralized ranking: Instead of banner ads, for each supported chain, we launch a decentralized ranking system where communities can promote their projects.

Within the next 4 months, All For One aims to be fully functioning on IoTeX Mainnet. The team is comprised of CEO David Wyly, CTO Lance Badger, Chief App Architect Amir Arafat, CPO Joseph Andrews, CMO Jackie Dutton, and CFO Stefan Alexandrov.

You can find more info on this by visiting their proposal on the Halo Grants page.

About the Halo Grants Program

Halo is the official IoTeX Grants Program run by the IoTeX Foundation. Join us in building a connected world! The IoTeX Halo Program accelerates the growth of the IoTeX ecosystem, helps developers to launch the next-gen Dapps around DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and most importantly, MachineFi topics! This program is open for projects at any stage to apply, as long as the project promotes the growth and adoption of the IoTeX technology, ecosystem, and community. Learn more about the Halo Grants Program, submit your own idea, or discover the new projects that are currently being funded by the IoTeX Foundation.


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