Create an IoTeX Developer Account and fund it with test IOTX tokens

In this quick tutorial I'll show how to create a blockchain wallet account on the IoTeX testnet and fund it with some IOTX test tokens using Metamask.

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Install Metamask Plugin

Before you can get started deploying dApps on any blockchain, you need a blockchain account with some tokens. Since IoTeX is compatible with Ethereum, we will use the Metamask Chrome Plugin to create a blockchain account and fund it with some IOTX tokens on the IoTeX Testnet Blockchain.

  • Open a Chrome-based browser (like Google Chrome or Brave)
  • Install Metamask for your browser at https://metamask.io/download/
  • Complete the configuration of Metamask
  • make sure you save the backup phrase to recover your wallet at any time.

Add the IoTeX Testnet blockchain

When developing dApps on a blockchain, it's always a good thing to start by deploying your app on a Testnet blockchain. A Testnet blockchain is a separate network from what is called the “Mainnet” blockchain. While the latter uses a token with a real market value, the first only exists for the purpose of testing dApps: any token on a Testnet has no market value so that you can test your dApps without having to pay real money when interacting with the Blockchain.
To add the IoTeX Testnet Endpoint to Metamask, open the IoTeX developer portal at the address below inside the browser where you installed Metamask:
then click the Connect Wallet button and confirm the new configuration in Metamask.
Make sure IoTeX Testnet is now selected in the Metamask dropdown menu:

Create an IoTeX Developer account

To get some IOTX tokens on the IoTeX Testnet, you need an IoTeX Developer account. Also, you require a GitHub account to register on the IoTeX Developer portal as a developer.

  • Make sure your Metamask wallet is unlocked, and you selected the IoTeX Testnet from the drop-down menu
  • Open the IoTeX Developer portal at https://developers.iotex.io
  • Click the “Sign in” button on the top-right of the screen

  • Perform the login using your GitHub account
  • Once logged in, open the user menu and select Dashboard
  • In your Dashboard, click the Connect Wallet button

  • Then click the Claim Test Tokens button to claim 100 IOTX on the IoTeX Testnet blockchain.
  • Wait a few seconds, then verify that you now have 100 IOTX in your Metamask Wallet

Accessing the Private Key

It's worth mentioning how to access the private key of this blockchain wallet such that it can be used inside different development tools.
  • In Metamask, just open the Account menu by clicking on the three vertical dots icon
  • Select the Account Details menu item
  • Click the Export private key button
  • Input your Metamask unlock password
  • Click the Confirm button and copy the private key to save it in a safe place.


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